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Granulated Sugar

The process of extracting and purifying sugars from sugar cane allows for the production of a large variety of sugars. Sugars may differ in color, flavor, sweetness and crystal size. Each of these characteristics allows sugar to perform a variety of functions in food products, in addition to providing a sweet taste. We can distribute a wide range of conventional or specialty sugars to all food sectors, according to your requirements while meeting all safety and quality standards.

Conventional Sugar

Refined widely used for industrial needs for higher quality, refined sugar is the result of raw sugar after a purification process to remove impurities and roughness.

Estandar is a granulated sugar that retains small quantities of its naturally occurring molasses for color and taste resulting in a light golden, very fine crystal product.

Raw/Mascabado is a sticky brown sugar produced at a sugar mill by extracting cane juice from sugar cane, then partially purifying the sugar through boiling, evaporation and re-crystallization. It has a wide variety of uses but particularly where the straw color and characteristics flavor will enhance the product in which it is used.

Specialty Sugars

Piloncillo is a caramel-rich dark brown sugar, made from pure, unrefined sugar that is pressed into a cone shape. It tastes very similar to brown sugar with a strong molasses flavor and can be used for anything that uses brown sugar along with artisanal recipes.

Liquid Sugars

Used in beverages, jams, candy, ice cream and syrups among others, this type of sugar is ideal for processes where manufacturing efficiency and speed are key requirements. A consistent quality, pre-dissolved sugar offers involves fewer process steps, more automated handling and a number of additional benefits such as uniform quality, reduced loss, and no packaging handling. Other advantages are energy saving in production processes, streamlined production and manufacturing efficiency. Our Liquid Sucrose meets all the high standards of micro-biological quality apart from being filtered and pasteurized.

Refined liquid sugar is produced from white refined crystalline sugar and water. Is suitable for beverages of extra high quality, without the risk of flocculating substances. This type of sugar gives end-products a uniform quality.

Estandar Liquid Sugar is golden sugar syrup with the color of raw sugar origin. It is suitable for use in those products where small residual amounts of reducing sugars, soluble organic matter and color can be tolerated or may even enhance flavor or other product characteristics.

We also make customized products such as blends of sugar with other sweeteners and food ingredients.

Flavor Blockers and Enhancers

These varieties of products were developed with industrial and consumer needs in mind, providing an alternative for the food industry’s challenges of providing all natural and low calorie options to the consumer.

The main advantages of these products are:

  • 100% natural, safe for human consumption.
  • Approved by FDA as an all-natural plant extract.
  • Results in an all-natural solution to sugar and salt reduction in many foods.

We offer products developed to enhance, modify and achieve synergy with sweet and savory flavors, but also to block bitter or unpleasant flavors in food applications where an aftertaste may prevail and maintaining the product’s properties is paramount.

It includes 100% natural non-caloric sweeteners, for industrial or tabletop cooking applications.

Frozen Fruit

We offer a wide range of Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) fruit. Mainly coming from the fertile state of Michoacán, each fruit selected is the result of a constant search for the best quality product and producers. Based on your needs, we can offer IQF fruit from different regions and processed to specification, carefully selected for all your culinary applications. IQF fruit advantages include keeping the product specifications for a longer period while working with individual pieces along with having the product defrost extremely well to achieve fresh fruit feeling.

We offer from a wide variety of fruits including:
Avocado, strawberry, mango, raspberries, blackberries, cantaloupe, tomato and pear among others.

Fruit Juices and Concentrates

These products are used where the natural color, intense flavor and identity of real fruit is essential in a liquid form, for example, beverages, sauces or confections. Concentrated fruit juice is processed to remove a defined proportion of the natural water content found in the fruit and produces a product that is approximately 3 to 7 times more concentrated and therefore smaller in volume.

We offer from a wide variety of fruits including: Coconut, prunes, papaya, pear, grapefruit, tomato, cantaloupe, mango, lemon, guava and blackberry.

Fruit puree

We trade high quality, 100% natural fruit purees, a pulp made from the fleshy part of the fruit. They are perfect for pastry fillings, smoothies, yogurts, and many other applications to bring colorful fruit identity and robust taste to these products. Purees also bring texture, viscosity and nutrients to any food.

We offer from a wide variety of fruits including, but not limited to: Coconut, prune, papaya, pear, grapefruit, tomato, cantaloupe, mango, lemon, guava and blackberry.


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