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About Us

MariSweet International started in 2015, marketing the highest quality of food grade ingredients that meet all safety and security standards. We are an affiliate company of Marigold Inc., located in the greater Chicago area, that for close to 40 years has serviced the food and beverage industry as a liquid sweetener manufacturer as well as ingredients distributor to a wide range of companies.

In an effort to differentiate ourselves from other companies, we provide our customer base with a service that exceeds all of their expectations, providing the most competitive pricing in the industry, while customizing our service to their needs as required.

MariSweet International partners closely with our clients objectives, providing smart and beneficial solutions for product development or the improvement of current production items. Our continuously growing product list allows us to offer a strategic partnership to our customer’s ever expanding responsibilities in their procurement needs. MariSweet International and Marigold Inc. brings its experience in the domestic and international markets, supply chain, warehousing and production processes in order to obtain the best response times and profit margins.

Serving a wide variety of industries, such as processed food, beverages, confectionary, dietary products, bakeries and dairy industries among many others, distributing liquid and granulated sugars, and suppling flavor enhancers, artificial and natural non-caloric sweeteners, honey and syrups, functional fibers, coconut products and dehydrated and freeze-dried fruits.

  • Operations & Partnerships

    • Marigold – Plant
      Marigold's dry bulk and liquid facility is strategically located in the heart of South Chicago on a class one railroad, serving our customers for almost 40 years. Our facility was built to offer the highest quality products with the fastest turnaround time possible to ensure you receive your orders on time, in spec, every time.

    • Marigold – Warehouse
      Marigold's warehouse is 185,000 square feet of high end food grade storage. We are also located on a class one railroad for both receiving and shipping product making us an ideal location for all your warehousing needs. We have ten dock doors dedicated to receiving and loading boxcars and 27 dock doors for receiving and loading vans.

    • Marigold – Corporate Offices
      Marigold Inc. was established in 1976 to provide a distribution warehouse and transfer station strategically located in the Chicagoland area. Since its inception, Marigold has handled both liquid and dry sweeteners for a wide range of companies and customers. We are a service-oriented company that will go above and beyond your expectations.

    • IST Logistics
      Marigold is partnered with one of the top carriers in the entire Midwest when it comes to transporting our dry van, bulk truck and liquid products to you. Together we offer our customers a service that is second to none!

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